Forthcoming Events
     Jive & Blues
       9th-12th Jan 2015
Jive & Lindy
     with Blues
       16th-19th Jan 2015
Modern Jive
     WCS & Blues
       8th-11th May 2015
Lindy Hop
     Balboa & Blues
       12th-15th June 2015
Modern Jive
     WCS & Blues
       6th-9th Nov 2015

What We Do

Rock Bottoms run hotel-based dance holidays, specialising in Modern Jive, Lindy Hop, Tango and West Coast Swing. We currently run 5 events a year, each of them being a 3 night long weekend break in Torquay, Devon.

Over the past 13 years we have established a reputation for the highest quality dance weekends around - many have copied us but our customers constantly tell us ours are still the best.

The best teachers from home and abroad bring you a huge variety of amazing workshops throughout the weekend. For the number of dancers we take, we offer the most workshops of any dance holiday around, and this avoids overcrowding so you can really learn.

A typical weekend has around 300 dancers taking part, which makes for a great atmosphere every night. But we don't leave it to chance for the party to get started - the best DJs around will keep you on the floor, and all the extra touches will add to your enjoyment

All Rock Bottoms holiday packages include en-suite hotel accommodation, meals, and all your dancing. This is all under one roof, so no trekking miles to your chalet or driving back to your B&B.

The Rock Bottoms Experience

Whether you're an old timer or a first timer (Rock Bottoms Virgin), we want you to feel at home the minute you walk through our door. We want you to relax, yet get excited by all we have to offer throughout your stay. We want you to come back again and again.

The Rock Bottoms Team

Our team of 4 (Hev, Tor, Andy and Jon) has been together running Rock Bottoms since 2002, and we love doing it. You'll see lots of us throughout your stay as we all put everything we can into your holiday. Jon is the UK's most experienced Modern Jive DJ, in demand throughout the Country. Andy teaches Swing Dance at Lindy festivals all over Europe. Hev is so good at entertainments that other organisations hire her for their events. Whilst Tor knows how to attend to every detail in making your time with us the best possible. Together we are experts in all aspects of a dance holiday.

Who is Rock Bottoms For?

If you like dancing, you'll love Rock Bottoms. Whether you're the kind who wants to dance 'til three, or the kind who wants to focus on workshops, or the kind who wants to party with friends, or the kind who wants to meet new people, or the kind who wants to enjoy the lovely location, or the kind who wants to relax – it really doesn't matter – Rock Bottoms has it all. We pride ourselves on the way new people settle in at Rock Bottoms, and we pride ourselves on the number of people who return to Rock Bottoms again and again. We attract a rich mix, from the quite normal (they don't always stay that way) to the larger than life characters who get the party going. Individuals, couples and groups all mingle together in a happy atmosphere.

What you say about Rock Bottoms

Here's a message from a recent Rock Bottoms "Virgin":
"My first impression when I arrived and started chatting with people was that there seemed to be very few 'virgins' like me – everyone expected to come back time after time after time. That is incredible. Not just shall we, we might, possibly, if stuff, but absolutely – this is what we do! Nothing says that you guys have got it right more than that does. And as the weekend progressed I could see why. What a social, friendly event it is. Meal times help to create that as people get chatting with each other without feeling that they are missing out on a dance at all, the fancy dress, meal time madness, pyjamas classes and cabarets all add to it. You guys were tireless in your energy and enthusiasm, leaving me exhausted just watching you. GREAT weekend. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"