January 2024


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Your Tango Workshop Levels
These workshop levels have been compiled by taking the opinions and recommendations of dancers and teachers and seeing how other tango events organise their classes.

More About Your Workshop Levels

Level 1 (Improver)
There will be no Level 1 Classes at this event.

Level 2 (Intermediate)
Aimed at those with 18 months to 4 years regular Tango experience. These classes will help solidify the foundation of your tango, as well as offering more challenging moves such as the boleo, sacada, the ocho Cortado, the left and right turn and gancho in both close and open embrace. This material may be complex, but also practical for social dancing at milongas.

Level 3 (Advanced)
Aimed at those with 4 plus years of regular Tango experience.
Students attending these classes should be willing to demonstrate in front of the class, the sacada, a boleo, and should be able to differentiate between a tango, vals, and milonga. Topics will include boleo sequences, musicality, ganchos, vals and milonga specific steps, volcadas, sacada sequences.

Level 4 (Advanced +)

This is a very high level for those dance Tango regurlarly can do single Axis turns, have advanced musicality techniques and who can show great confidence and styling throughout all the topics mentioned above. Even during complex material you should be able to remain relaxed, engage in musicality and add expression to your movement.