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We select teachers who inspire
We select teachers who deliver inspiring workshops and perform dazzling cabarets. But just as important, teachers who love their dancing and get out on the social dance floor with all of you.

We select DJs who love creating the perfect atmosphere during the evening dances. With these DJs on board, you'll get the ideal mix enabling you to practice what you've learnt in the workshops as well as dancing to your favourite tunes, including ones you haven't heard yet.

More About The Teachers
Jenny & Ricardo
Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria love tango - its music, its song, and its dance. They love the moment of surrender in the arms of your partner, the feeling of losing yourself and yet finding yourself at one with the music, at one with your partner, at one with yourself. They are proud to be part of the tango community: a rich culture steeped in history, which is still of relevance today and continues to grow.

Jenny and Ricardo love dancing together on a crowded floor (or on an empty floor) and hope to transmit some of this through their performances and through their teaching.

Jenny and Ricardo came together in 2002 and since then they have been invited to teach and perform in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina.
They also organise and participate in the annual 'Bailongo! Tango Festival' in Edinburgh.


Constantin regularly devotes himself to working with leaders.

Over the past 16 years he's had the opportunity to take lessons from over 50 teachers. Much of what he's seen and learned flows into his lessons. He looks forward to sharing both my experience as a dancer and his joy in dance with Rock Bottoms.

Rene Hellemons

Rene discovered his love for dancing at the age of 14. When he started taking dance classes at one of the local dance schools, but very quickly moved into competition dancing in both latin and ballroom.
For twenty years now Rene has been dancing, living, teaching and breathing Argentine Tango, and it took him to Tango dance floors and events all over the world.